Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What to Bring?
  •     Bed sheets for double and twin beds
  •     Blankets if you anticipate cold weather
  •     Fans if you anticipate hot weather
  •     Pillows 
  •     Towels (hand and shower)
  •     Wash cloths
  •     Soap (hand and body)
  •     Personal hygiene items
  •     Scissors, condiments, salt and pepper shakers
  •     Tinfoil, garbage bags, coffee maker filters (basket style)
  •     Bakeware for oven and BBQ,
  •     Plastic cups for children
  •     Your favourite fry pan with flipper is optional
  •     Outdoor Card/Fishing Licience.  (If purchasing a fishing licence at Sandy Bay Cottages, please bring your outdoor card even if it is expired)
  •     Everything you need to cook and clean on the BBQ as well as a firelighter or matches
  •     Water shoes, beach towels, beach toys
  •     Fire-sticks for wiener roast
  •     Lawn chair is optional
Life Jackets
We only supply size-large with boat rentals.  For all other life jackets needs, bring your own or they are available for rent at the store.  (See Boat and Visitor Rates page)
If you have any further questions please call 1-705-977-7555 or 1-800-716-5278